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I thought today, my 37th birthday, was the perfect day to begin a 365-day photo-project. I have a history of waxing and waning with the amount of time I commit to developing as a more creative, skillful photographer. As a mom of two busy girls, it’s often hard for me to stay on track with anything…especially something I feel is only important to me. BUT, a project? Well, I always do better with a project, and a plan! So here it is: at least one photo post per day for the next 365 days. I’m already excited to look back and see how far I’ll have come by my next birthday (though, I’m really not that excited that, by then, I’ll be turning 38! Ahhhhhh!).

monochromatic HDR tree 12.13.12

monochromatic HDR tree 12.13.12

So, my first post for the project is one I took on the new trail that runs through our neighborhood. I am just discovering HDR – as in, I purchased  “Photomatix Essentials” today. A few days ago, I started reading about HDR, and have been playing around with the trial version since then. Today I decided it’s definitely worth the $39 for me to explore it (plus, it’s my birthday! : ). I’m sure, in a few months, I’ll look back and see this as one of those “before” shots, but, hey, that’s what it’s all about, right?