painting leaves This week’s photography challenge on is an environmental portrait. One of my two-year old’s favorite “environments” includes a paintbrush in her hand, so I was hoping to put together a good shot today. We moved our studio outside since it was such a nice day (and it was very appealing to not get paint all over the place inside). You have to love the way toddlers’ minds work. When she asked to “paint leaves,” it actually meant going out and collecting leaves, bringing them home, and then painting them different colors. What I do like about this shot are her tools in her environment, and her humorous hairstyle befitting an artist persona. But, I will keep working on this assignment this week to get something with better composition, exposure and expression.

On another note, I can’t go without mentioning that it’s been spending time with and holding my kids a little tighter that has been my priority (even more than usual) over the last few days. My heart breaks, and my thoughts and prayers go out to the families and the community affected by the tragedy that happened in Connecticut on Friday.