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As my daughter and I planned out some routines/goals, etc. for her for the summer break, I realized I probably need some work on that myself : ). Between time constraints, not feeling well, and general lack of creative inspiration, I have really let my project take a back seat. I’m (now publicly – yikes) recommitting myself to a photo-a-day. I’ve decided to take the approach that I need to have a photo for each day, even if it’s not perfect – even if it’s still a work in progress. It’s too easy for one day to turn into a week, and then several weeks. In contrast to my original plan, my “365 day project” will turn out to be over the span of over 400 days, but I know it’s an exercise that I’ve already benefited from, and I need to see through to the end. So… here’s to finishing (continuing??) strong.