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I was very happy to read a post over at captureyour365.com that helped me with my recent lack of direction with this project. It kind of inspired me to use the 365 project as a kind of photo-journal (especially on days when it can’t be all I’d hoped it would be). For whatever reason, I’d wanted to create a really special piece of art (or at least try to master a new skill) every day, and since that is apparently nearly impossible for me to do (at least at this point in my life), I’ve been very discouraged. Any way…I realized, if nothing else, and I don’t have a day filled with inspiration, I can at least capture a moment that says a little something about our day. On Saturday, I tried to rescue a few more tomatoes from the bugs and heat – it’s a little sad that our summer crop will soon be gone, but we are definitely enjoying it for now!